The Bavarian Contest Club visits FRC territory

BCC guests
I offered my station to DL2NBU and DL6RAI who were touring the East Coast after attending the Dayton Hamvention in May of 1999. They decided to do a Multi Single and use my call. Here we are looking refreshed after the 48 hours of operation. Pictured are Peter, DL2NBU Chas, K3WW and Ben, DL6RAI.
Peter and Ben
Ben and Peter operating. The station is designed for Single Operator Assisted efforts. It was easily adaptable to Multi Single, but a little cramped. Ben and Peter have a great deal of experience working as a team. Chas filled in as the multiplier finder while the others took turns sleeping. During some of the contest, one operator would operate alone, but when things slowed down, there was usually a second operator filling up the band map and finding multipliers to work when the 10 minute clock permitted a band change.

Peter working at the multiplier station, working all the stations he put in the band map. The second monitor is to the left of the rest of the station.


Ben is working at the run station. The American keyboard is a little different from the German arrangement.

WPX 1999

Here is the #1 USA plaque